Feeding Bears Puts Everyone at Risk


West Virginia bears commenced leaving their dens round mid-March. They emerge hungry and seeking out meals. People who feed them with the aid of using twist of fate or layout placed themselves, their assets and specifically the bears at risk.

Deliberately feeding black bears is illegal. More commonly, humans appeal to and feed bears via carelessness or a loss of understanding.

“Bear actions are tied to meals reassets,” stated Colin Carpenter, black undergo mission chief for the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR). “Bears that roam round residential regions on the lookout for meals are much less probably to live in the event that they do now no longer discover something to eat. The key to fending off human-undergo conflicts is to do away with or steady meals attractants earlier than a undergo reveals them.”

To do away with the temptation:

  • Never deliberately feed bears. It is illegal. Feeding teaches bears to technique humans or houses to look for greater.
  • Secure meals and garbage. Businesses can use undergo-resistant dumpsters and citizens use undergo-resistant trash packing containers. The packing containers have to be metal, because the effective bruins can shred rubber or plastic packing containers. Locks or push-to-open structures maintain packing containers securely closed. Some waste disposal offerings may also provide undergo-resistant packing containers. If now no longer, earlier than shopping for your personal, verify together along with your waste series company that they may provider it.
  • Do now no longer go away birdseed, puppy meals or cattle fodder outside. Birdseed and different business animal feed are high-power meals reassets. Store the chook feeder till the undergo’s herbal weight loss program of nuts, berries, sedges and bugs are greater abundant. Store feed in undergo-resistant structures.

Several situations converge with the stop of hibernation to make the bears’ hunt for meals greater urgent.

“Natural meals reassets are at their lowest factor while bears go away their dens withinside the spring,” Carpenter stated. “High-power ingredients including serviceberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries do now no longer emerge as to be had till later withinside the summer.”

Black undergo breeding season peaks from mid-June via July. Male bears will cowl massive regions at the same time as attempting to find mates. At this identical time, the grownup lady bears will chase off their yearlings in order that they will breed again.

“All bears, however specifically yearlings which might be on their personal for the primary time, will take gain of smooth meals reassets,” stated Carpenter. “If humans do now no longer gift bears with smooth-to-get meals, the bears will preserve on their manner naturally.”

The accidental feeding of black bears is some thing that humans can save you with easy modifications in behavior.

“Garbage ought to be secured in a undergoevidence facility and positioned out for series at the morning of pick-up, now no longer the night time earlier than,” Carpenter stated. “Bears are clever sufficient to word the sample if a dinner party of meals in plastic trash packing containers seem at the decrease each Sunday night time for Monday pickup.”

Limit meals scent with the aid of using sealing scraps in plastic baggage earlier than setting them withinside the trash. Avoid including meat, fish, dairy products, oil, un-rinsed egg shells, cooked meals, or massive quantities of fruit to compost piles.

The “smooth pickings” of unsecured ingredients lure bears to conquer their herbal worry of human beings and raid again. That is usually while WVDNR gets court cases approximately nuisance bears.

The scenario regularly proves deadly for the undergo.

The state’s Urban Black Bear look at determined that bears have been dwelling in and round principal city facilities in West Virginia.

“We radio-collared black bears in and across the towns of Beckley, Charleston and Morgantown,” Carpenter stated, “and determined that those bears are resident animals that spend maximum in their time inside three miles of metropolis limits.”

The equipped get right of entry to to human garbage, puppy and animal feeders places the bears at risk. That makes it crucial that humans nicely steady foodstuffs to keep away from attracting bears. Failing to do away with meals attractants till the undergo has emerge as a nuisance will probably cause the destruction of the undergo.

“Capturing and transferring bears which have emerge as familiar with human beings is a high priced and regularly useless manner of addressing the trouble, specifically while confronted with the opportunity of simply transferring a trouble undergo from one vicinity to another,” stated Carpenter. “Bears are actually determined in regions wherein they had been absent for many years and had been stated in all fifty five counties. That is why natural world companies across the u . s . a . inform humans that ‘a fed undergo is a lifeless undergo.’”

WVDNR labored with different member states of the Southeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies to expand a internet site committed to instructing humans approximately the way to stay with black bears. To research greater, go to www.bearwise.org. The steady meals segment consists of a True/False quiz to check your understanding of what is – and is now no longerundergo-resistant.


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