Grooming Tips for Your Pooch


As we tools up for the 2018 AKC National Championship offered via way of means of Royal Canin, attendees look ahead to seeing the beautiful array of purpose-bred puppies. From wearing puppies to toy breeds, it’s no mystery that display puppies should appearance the part.

“Miss America does now no longer simply take a seat down at the sofa consuming potato chips earlier than a pageant,” says Susan Hamil, a veteran of the canine display world. “It’s the equal for display puppies.” Hamil, a choose and fancier of Bloodhounds, is one of the 4 canine display professionals that shared their pointers and canine care routine main as much as a display.

The perfectly-coiffed puppies may also make it appearance effortless, however steady paintings is being achieved behind the curtain to put together for the ring.

While your canine might not be strutting their stuff at a conformation event, we recognize they’ll usually be Best in Show on your heart. These canine grooming pointers will assist your domestic dog appearance and sense their first-class.

1. Let’s Talk Exercise

“The issue approximately display puppies is they discover ways to revel in all the attention, which makes them sense appropriate approximately themselves. Just like humans, puppies sense their first-class after they’re in tremendous condition, so that they want exercise. For example, a display Bloodhound will do forty five mins of swimming with a weighted vest on a ordinary foundation to live in shape”

Susan Hamil, Bloodhound choose, and breeder.

Courtesy of Erin Myers

2. Research Your Dog Food

“The maximum essential recommendation I supply to proprietors of West Highland White Terriers is to studies your canine meals. A lot of Westies are susceptible to pores and skin troubles, and those need a formulaic solution to clear up what’s taking place, however it’s now no longer that smooth. I suppose a few canine ingredients sell yeast growth, and yeast is a awful issue for Westies. It receives of their armpits, of their pads, and it simply grows — I even have more than one pals which have Westies, and that they bite themselves raw. It’s sincerely sad. People count on it’s allergies, however it can now no longer be. It can be some thing like an excessive amount of sugar withinside the meals or too many carbohydrates, which produces sugar, which fuels yeast. Always studies their meals and speak for your vet approximately what’s appropriate.”

Vanessa Skou, West Highland White Terrier breeder and fancier

Courtesy of Michelle Jones

3. Teach Your Dog to Love Grooming

“Dog proprietors want to be inclined to place withinside the time to train puppies to simply accept grooming. If you may placed the canine up on a countertop, contact their ft, and run a broom via their coat, it allows them to get used to being dealt with, and that they discover ways to revel in it. My puppies will leap up at the grooming tables themselves and dangle out. They’ll have a take a observe me like, ‘Hey, it’s my turn! Brush me.’ If you are making it enjoyable, it could be very enjoyable for the canine.”

Lindsey Dicken, Master Groomer, Bichon Frise fancier.

4. Get to Know Your Dog’s Coat Type

“Understanding what your canine’s coat desires may be very helpful. For example, Shih Tzus are recognised for his or her long, flowing coats. Sometimes the more potent shampoos which might be used to get Shih Tzus smooth can dry their pores and skin, so that they generally want a conditioner after a tubtub to place the moisture lower back in. Keep in mind, it’s critical to apply merchandise which might be made for puppies and now no longer humans due to the variations in pH balance.”

Michelle Jones, Shih Tzu breeder and fancier

“Bloodhounds have an all-climate coat. They secrete sebum that clearly waterproofs their coats, so water doesn’t penetrate the hair, and they are able to shake it off. When washing your canine you do now no longer need to take away the herbal oils. Use a mild shampoo on a ordinary foundation. I additionally use a conditioner or a crème rinse. Before tubtub time, I brush out the canine’s coat to get the lifeless hair out. I decide onrubber brush with person bristles.”

Susan Hamil, Bloodhound Expert

5. Never Skimp On Dental Hygiene

“It’s important for huge puppies to get used to being dealt with proper on the beginning. You need to be capable of carry their lip to rub down their gums and smooth their tooth. For massaging their gums, you may use a finger brush or a toothbrush with soft, rubber bristles. Always make certain you sweep the gum line, too. Dogs can get all the dental troubles people do — besides they can not brush their tooth after a meal.”

Susan Hamil, Bloodhound Expert

“In addition to brushing, I supply my puppies a bite this ishardened cheese to assist maintain their tooth smooth. I like them due to the fact they’re smooth for the little puppies to maintain among their paws. They don’t make a huge mess or depart residue on their coat. I’ve additionally these days been became on to dried duck ft. My puppies handiest get them two times a week. They love them, and for a few reason, their tooth are spotless.”

Michelle Jones, Shih Tzu Expert

Courtesy of Rhonda Cassidy

6. Nail  Trimming is an Essential — Mind the Foot Hair


“My puppies’ nails are checked with each unmarried tubtub. Because breeds like Shih Tzus and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have quite a few foot hair, humans neglect about approximately trimming their nails. But they shouldn’t. When nails are overgrown, it impacts their ft and their cappotential to stroll and move.”


“On Shih Tzus and different toy breeds, you want to trim the hair that’s among the pads in their ft on the lowest side. Keeping that location trimmed and smooth can lessen their possibilities of having inflammation among the pads of the ft. It additionally allows with traction so as to use the pads in their ft after they’re on exceptional surfaces.”

Michelle Jones, Shih Tzu Expert

Courtesy of Lindsey Dicken

7. Keep Up With Grooming


“I’m a puppy groomer via way of means of trade, and I suppose the largest issue that we inform our proprietors is brushing out the coat. It’s the largest choose you may do to your canine due to the fact they need to learn, first of all, that it’s now no longer a awful issue. Then, after they get to a groomer, they won’t need to brush out 4 to 8 weeks of knots. That’s now no longer amusing for the groomer or the canine. When an proprietor brushes their canine at home, it now no longer handiest continues the coat in appropriate shape, it additionally receives the canine used to being dealt with and brushed. It makes the groomer’s activity plenty easier, and it’s extra snug for the canine.”

Lindsey Dicken, Master Groomer and Bichon Frise Expert


“There are many adorable doggy cuts accessible for Shih Tzus, however proprietors want to make certain that the cuts are maintained. It is essential to trim the hair over the nostril on a ordinary foundation. People don’t usually understand that because the hair grows, it could poke the canine in the attention and supply them eye inflammation.”

Michelle Jones, Shih Tzu Expert

Courtesy of Lindsey Dicken

8. Quick Health Check

“I’m usually touching my puppies. I convey them in my arms. I’m grooming them often, and I’m usually searching at them. This way, I can locate out: Do they have got a growth? Do they have got some thing taking place? I’m usually privy to what’s taking place with my puppies’ bodies. You can seize many troubles earlier than they emerge as awful via way of means of being observant.”

Vanessa Skou, West Highland White Terrier Expert

9. Special Care for Breeds with Floppy Ears, Droopy Eyes


“Get your vet to suggest a mild ear cleaner and smooth their ears in step with how a whole lot wax increase or particles there is. Keep their ear pointers smooth and dry. If you stay in a city, their ears will select out up quite a few dust from the sidewalk.”


“Make positive the eyes are clean of any remember or discharge. The breed has droopy eyes so you can see decrease lids and they will be a bit pink. They need to by no means be fiery purple or indignant searching. There need to now no longer be continual tearing or discharge. If that is the case, seek advice from your vet.”

Susan Hamil, Bloodhound Expert

10. Special Care for Breeds with White Coats

“I shower my puppies which might be displaying as soon as a week, and I make certain they’re dried well. I wash them in a clean shampoo — no color. Westie hair absorbs color. So in case you use a pink shampoo, then ultimately they’ll emerge as pink.

“Clean and dry is the call of the game. And it’s tough if you have a puppy. Even in case you use a hand towel to wipe their ft each time they arrive inside, it’s going to assist plenty.”

Vanessa Skou, West Highland White Terrier Expert


“I blend it up, relying on every canine due to the fact in the event that they have a dry coat, you don’t need to apply one which has quite a few bluing in it as it will cause them to pink. I every now and then use the emblem Artero. They have a booster called ‘Blanc,’ that you may blend into different shampoos. It makes it like an optical brightener. I like that one as it’s now no longer so apparent and now no longer so pink or blue.”

Lindsey Dicken, Master Groomer and Bichon Frise Expert


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